Achieving Accessibility One Step At a Time!

I’ve been attending the WordPress Accessibility Day 2022. There are only a few more hours left. But don’t worry if you missed it the videos will be available soon on their YouTube channel. I’ve learned several ways to make sites more accessible, I’ve learned more about the WCAG and the new laws, but what IContinue reading “Achieving Accessibility One Step At a Time!”

How to say NO to a client!

It can be very hard to say no to a client, especially when they are your first or only client at the time. However you need to look at it from YOUR point of view, not the clients. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you treat a freelancer the way they’re treating you? We’re alwaysContinue reading “How to say NO to a client!”

Never Post Disputes With Customers Online!

Let’s face it we all have that one customer every few years who doesn’t pay up. Just takes the merchandise or the service and runs and you just want to take them to court. But court is sooo expensive and time consuming. That’s why in the old days the saying “The customer is always right!”Continue reading “Never Post Disputes With Customers Online!”

Problems Evolve So Your Content Should Too!

I know it may sound weird but as society evolves so do our problems. We are human and we do often have the same problems, but as our technology, textiles, goods and services evolve, so do the problems that come along with it. For example, women in the 1700’s had completely different fashion problems thanContinue reading “Problems Evolve So Your Content Should Too!”

Consumer Needs Dictate Sale Approach

Consumers fall into a couple of categories when it comes to sales approaches. Get to the point, is this product right for me? Buy it or move on. I have a problem but need options for solutions. I want to make an educated decision before purchasing. I’m interested but my money is worth a lotContinue reading “Consumer Needs Dictate Sale Approach”