Thinking back on my life I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed of!

When I was young I worked a variety of really unique jobs starting with managing a game room at the age of 12.

I worked my way through the various jobs in Burger King where I learned the motto, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean!”

In the mid 80’s my family won a 42 foot wooden work boat in a silent auction to raise money for the local volunteer rescue squad.

I couldn’t resist becoming a captain, but it meant I had to commercially crab and tong for oysters. Which I did quite well.

I also worked as an Artist’s Assistant setting up and managing displays, eventually running her gallery and even opening my own custom frame shop.

The journey leading to Writing Web Copy

My writing career started long before I knew I was a writer. As soon as I learned to read and write I began putting together crude poems and short stories. At 24 I taught myself photography and began working for a local newspaper as their photographer, working two days a week developing photos. My editor asked me to write a few human interest stories which came naturally to me.

After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, my focus turned towards political writing, long before it was cool to mix the two professions.

Along my life’s journey I’ve worked all kinds of retail jobs. Suggestive selling was one of the first tools I learned that has melded perfectly into my current writing career. Now I have a passion for helping consumers find products and services that provide solutions to their problems, which helps businesses find customers.

After all that’s what copywriting is all about.

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