Problems Evolve So Your Content Should Too!

I know it may sound weird but as society evolves so do our problems. We are human and we do often have the same problems, but as our technology, textiles, goods and services evolve, so do the problems that come along with it.

For example, women in the 1700’s had completely different fashion problems than women of today. Never the less fashion problems will always be around as long as humans need to wear clothes.

Fashion problems of the 1700’s were bound by societies rules of good etiquette. Today’s women aren’t bound by those constraints. In the late 20th century women were more bound by comfort and style and what was considered popular. Today, just about anything goes, so it’s harder for designers to find something that the majority likes, but the anything-goes theory helps designers have more freedom to express themselves with unconventional looks.

With that in mind we could say that although problems usually remain the same, they are ever evolving.

If one wants to devote their life’s work to solving transportation problems for example they had better look to the future. Just as the old blacksmiths had to adapt when cars were invented, so do mechanics and manufacturers as we enter the era of space travel.

When Carl Benz took out a patent for the first automobile people never thought cars would replace horses.

Now that Virgin Galactic is selling tickets to space again it won’t be long before rich enterprising travelers start having everyday space related travel problems that will need to be solved. So if your business is travel you may want to start looking to the stars to keep up with the business.

If you own a long standing blog that’s not getting a lot of attention, maybe it’s time to do a little spring cleaning and updating. Time to dust off those old articles and polish them to a new shine.

If you need help, feel free to shoot me an email. We can talk!

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Hi I'm Linda My current occupations are photographer, copywriter and website developer.

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