Consumer Needs Dictate Sale Approach

Consumers fall into a couple of categories when it comes to sales approaches.

  1. Get to the point, is this product right for me? Buy it or move on.
  2. I have a problem but need options for solutions. I want to make an educated decision before purchasing.
  3. I’m interested but my money is worth a lot to me, you really have to convince me I need this product before I will buy.

Different products require a different approaches to selling.

For example selling food to a hungry customer falls in the first category. People need to know; is it fast to fix, does it contain ingredients I can’t eat and does it taste good? These questions need to be answered fast and concisely.

When Duct tape was invented it had one purpose, but through the years new uses have been found for Duct tape. It takes creative writing to convey all the variety of solutions duct tape can offer to a wide array of problems. This is where sales approach number 2 might fit in well.

Big ticket items like cars, homes, boats, furniture, golf clubs and many other items fall into the 3rd category and should not be obtained through impulse purchases. So a customer needs to trust not only the item they’re purchasing but the manufacturer and the dealer before they will put their hard earned money into a long term commitment.

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